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Hivita C Lemon, Strawberry, Grape

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Vitamin House multivitamin well


Vitamin C is easily destroyed during cooking and processing and can not be synthesized in the body. So, it must be absorbed from food.
In particular, Vitamin C may be easily lacking when you do not eat plenty of fruit and vegetables or have an unbalanced diet and irregular meals. .
Hivita C helps you to easily take Vitamin C that people today may be lacking often. Hivita C contains xylitol with a cooling and refreshing taste as well as a lactic acid bacterium to enhance your health. .
Hivita C is easy to take and provides Vitamin C, an effective antioxidant that protects the body from hazardous oxygen free radicals and thus helps to enhance your future health. .


1. The enterprise that leads the domestic Health Functional Food market
2. Operating about 3,000 franchise stores in shop-in-shop type
3. Consulting nutritionists who are skilled nutrition specialist
4. Our Know-how
- Possessing the production capacity through our own manufacturer as well as product
development through excellent human resources
- Optimum condition that can cover every process from raw material supply to production
distribution and sales
5. Secured diverse distribution channels! Various production sourcing and supply!
6. The brand VitaminHouse’ being exported to all over the world

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