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Calcium Vitamin D

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product name: Calcium & Vitamin D

Product type: Health Functional Food /  Calcium & Vitamin D supplement

Contents: 1,200 mg x 30 tablets

Manufacturer : NaturePureKorea Inc.

Origin: Republic of Korea


- Supplements calcium that can be easily lacking
- Provides Vitamin D to help absorption of calcium
- Contains FOS(Fructo Oligo Saccharides), Milk Casein Peptide, and dried yeast
- For all family members  


 Calcium makes up 2% of the human body, 99% of bone structure and teeth, and 1% of cells and fluids in/outside of cells, carrying out various physiological functions. Calcium is known as a nutrient most likely to lack in the body.
An average adult needs 700mg of calcium a day, but the amount of the nutrient absorbed by most people fall far short of the requirement. If the body is lacking calcium, which refers to lack of calcium supply from outside, the calcium concentration in blood falls and calcium in bones are discharged into blood. People of all ages from youth to the elderly need sufficient amount of calcium.


 Calcium and Vitamin D are effectively designed to provide calcium to fast-growing youths, pregnant women who need an increasing amount of calcium, women with the menopause whose bone mass decreases, and those who cannot absorb sufficient calcium from food. It also contains Vitamin D that helps absorption of Vitamin D for effective use. The easy-to-take chewable vitamin can be used without water for swallowing.


 Vitamin is essential to growth, development, and health maintenance of the human body. It makes up various coenzymes involved metabolism of carbohydrate, lipid, and protein and thus plays an important role in promoting metabolism. Modern-day people enjoy a lot of processed or instant food which is high in calories but low in vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is necessary to supply sufficient vitamins and minerals.

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